COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among older adult Thai Muslim people: A case-control study.

Publication date: Aug 27, 2023

The highest death toll during the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand was among unvaccinated older adults. Deaths among older adults in Narathiwat Province were related to a lower COVID-19 vaccination rate. This study explored the factors influencing COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy in a Muslim community with low vaccination rates. A case-control study was conducted with participants assigned to the unvaccinated “case” group and the vaccinated “control” group. The sample was Thai older adults who practiced Islam and lived in Narathiwat Province. Purposive sampling was conducted by selecting a case house and finding the control around the case house in a 1:2 ratio. This study included 141 participants with a median age of 67 years (interquartile range [IQR], 8). More than 80% of both groups were retired and lived with their extended relatives. More participants in the vaccinated group believed that vaccines could prevent death from COVID-19 than in the unvaccinated group. In the multivariable analysis, factors related to the low perceived importance of the COVID-19 vaccination (odds ratio [OR] = 2. 63) and a lack of vaccine recommendation from religious leaders (OR = 4. 67) significantly influenced COVID-19 vaccination refusal. The COVID-19 guidance from religious leaders and the perceived importance of COVID-19 vaccination influence vaccination uptake among Muslim older adults in Thailand.

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Muslim COVID-19
Pandemic Muslim older adults
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Thailand Vaccine hesitancy


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