Mortality and Outcomes in Cerebrovascular Disease Patients With Emphasis on COVID-19: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the National Inpatient Sample 2020.

Publication date: Aug 01, 2023

Background COVID-19-related pulmonary complications have been explored extensively in the recent past. There is also a significant amount of literature on the neurological manifestations of COVID-19. However, there exists an unmet need to assess the impact of COVID-19 on patients with cerebrovascular diseases and its role in affecting mortality in such patients. Methods In this cross-sectional study, we analyzed 401,318 hospitalized patients with cerebrovascular diseases using the discharge data from the National Inpatient Sample 2020 to assess the association of COVID-19 with multiple clinical conditions, along with additional factors, such as length of stay in the hospital, total charges incurred, region and type of hospital, and primary insurance/payer in the United States of America. We used a multivariable logistic regression model to predict factors relating to mortality in such patients. Results The mortality during hospitalization in patients with cerebrovascular disease who were also diagnosed with COVID-19 was significantly higher than the patients without COVID-19 (22. 50% vs 5. 44%, p-value

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America cerebrovascular disease
Covid covid-19
Hospitalization mortality


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disease MESH Cerebrovascular Disease
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