Repeated COVID-19 vaccination to maximum antibody response yields very low mortality and hospitalisation rates in patients with CLL and MBL.

Publication date: Sep 05, 2023

We analysed COVID-19 infection outcomes of 129/241 chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) (53. 9%) and 22/55 monoclonal B-lymphocytosis (MBL) (40. 0%) patients following multiple vaccine doses aiming for maximum measured anti-spike antibody response. Throughout the pandemic to date, there were 8/129 CLL (6. 2%) patients hospitalised, with one death (0. 8%). No MBL patients were hospitalised or died. CLL patients with COVID-19 had lower anti-spike levels (3778. 8 AU/mL) than those without (13 486. 8 AU/mL; p = 0. 0061). Anti-nucleocapsid antibody was detected in 29. 8% within 2 months and 17. 5% >6 months. Of COVID-19-infected CLL patients, 47. 3% received anti-viral therapy. A multiple vaccine dosing strategy to achieve measured maximum antibody is highly effective in preventing severe COVID-19.

Concepts Keywords
6months CLL
Covid COVID infection outcome
Lymphocytosis maximum antibody response
Vaccination MBL
multiple vaccination


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disease MESH COVID-19
disease VO vaccination
disease MESH infection
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