Acute kidney injury in children with moderate-severe COVID-19 and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children: a referral center experience.

Publication date: Sep 07, 2023

Data on the characteristics of acute kidney injury (AKI) in pediatric COVID-19 and MIS-C are limited. We aimed to define the frequency, associated factors and early outcome of AKI in moderate, severe or critical COVID-19 and MIS-C; and to present a tertiary referral center experience from TcFCrkiye. Hospitalized patients ≤ 18 years of age with confirmed COVID-19 or MIS-C at İhsan Doğramacı Children’s Hospital, Hacettepe University, between March 2020-December 2021 were enrolled. The characteristics of AKI in the COVID-19 group were investigated in moderate, severe and critically ill patients; patients with mild COVID-19 were excluded. The median (Q1-Q3) age in the COVID-19 (n = 66) and MIS-C (n = 111) groups was 10. 7 years (3. 9-15. 2) and 8. 7 years (4. 5-12. 7), respectively. The frequency of AKI was 22. 7% (15/66) in COVID-19 and 15. 3% (17/111) in MIS-C; all MIS-C patients with AKI and 73. 3% (11/15) of COVID-19 patients with AKI had AKI at the time of admission. Multivariate analyses revealed need for vasoactive/inotropic agents [Odds ratio (OR) 19. 233, p = 0. 002] and presence of vomiting and/or diarrhea (OR 4. 465, p = 0. 036) as independent risk factors of AKI in COVID-19 patients; and need for vasoactive/inotropic agents (OR 22. 542, p = 0. 020), procalcitonin and ferritin levels as independent risk factors of AKI in the MIS-C group. Age was correlated with lymphocyte count (r = -0. 513, p 

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