Experience and Impact of COVID-19 on a Newly Formed Rural University Medical Office: Survey Study.

Publication date: Sep 07, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic had large social effects, particularly in the fields of medicine and medical education. Medical organizations in the United States operate in overlapping contexts with interrelated goals inside multiple organizations, and the context of work strongly influenced how organizations were able to respond to COVID-19 restrictions. This research examines the experience and impact of COVID-19 on the implementation of a Health Resources and Services Administration grant in a newly formed university medical office with the interrelated goals of health policy, health outreach, and medical education. The goal is to understand how COVID-19 created different experiences and challenges for leaders and their collaborators working in medical education compared to those working in public health outreach or health policy. A survey about COVID-19 opportunities and challenges was administered to work unit leaders and their project collaborators. The most common experiences and challenges are shown, direct educational and other respondents’ experiences and challenges are compared, and open-ended comment segments are analyzed. Helping others adjust to digital work, remoteness, and coordination were common experiences during COVID-19. Common challenges include coordination and an inability to make comparisons to previous program years. On average, respondents had 11. 3 (SD 7. 8) experiences and 8. 3 (SD 6. 9) challenges considered in the survey. While all units were influenced by COVID-19 restrictions, medical education units had more experiences and challenges. Those involved directly in medical education experienced 69% (18. 6/27) of their possible experiences and 54% (14. 7/27) of their possible challenges on average compared to 35% (7/20) and 21% (4. 2/20) among other respondents (P

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Covid access
Outreach administration
Pandemic administrative
Rural COVID-19
education system
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