Social resilience indicators for pandemic crises.

Social resilience indicators for pandemic crises.

Publication date: Sep 16, 2023

Coping and recovery capabilities in disasters depend to a large part on social resilience. Prior disaster studies suggest a variety of indicators to assess social resilience in the natural hazard context. We discuss whether the most common disaster-related social resilience indicators like social cohesion and support can meaningfully capture social resilience in pandemic crises since pandemics typically comprise physical distancing and other social restrictions. Based on a review of frequently used social resilience measures, we propose pandemic-tailored indicators of social resilience. Applying the suggested set of indicators to a sample of 1,500 residents surveyed in Switzerland during the summer 2020 phase of the COVID-19 crisis reveals low levels of social support and community engagement, but the willingness to help others is high.

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Covid COVID-19
Pandemic disaster
Residents indicator
Summer pandemic crisis
Switzerland social capital
social resilience


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disease MESH COVID-19

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