Addressing Opportunities and Barriers in Telehealth Neurologic Physical Therapy: Strategies to Advance Practice.

Addressing Opportunities and Barriers in Telehealth Neurologic Physical Therapy: Strategies to Advance Practice.

Publication date: Oct 01, 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the use and implementation of telehealth has expanded, with implementation moving ahead of best practice recommendations due to necessity. Telehealth has improved access and care coordination for patients with various neurologic conditions; however, information regarding therapeutic intensity, safety, and appropriateness is lacking. In 2021, the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy formed a Telehealth Taskforce to provide clinical and educational resources for its members and the neurologic physical therapy (PT) community. The purpose of this special interest article is to provide consensus-driven best practice resources developed by the Taskforce and describe the process of creating these resources to assist with telehealth implementation in neurologic PT practice, advocate for continued utilization, and shine light on opportunities for future research. In this special interest article, we describe the process, challenges, and opportunities of developing and disseminating resources to educate, train, and support telehealth implementation in neurologic clinical practice. Four key strategies to facilitate telehealth implementation emerged: (1) increase knowledge of resources related to telehealth and mobile applications; (2) develop and disseminate evidence-based and consensus-based best practice recommendations for telehealth in neurologic PT; (3) provide future recommendations for integrating telehealth in PT, education, research, and clinical practice; and (4) encourage advocacy for inclusion of telehealth within the PT community. We explain the need to continue research and provide recommendations to expand telehealth research in neurologic clinical practice. This article highlights the potential and future of telehealth in neurologic PT practice. Our recommendations provide current clinical tools and resources for telehealth implementation following a knowledge-to-action framework and suggest areas for future research. Video Abstract available for more insights from the authors (see the Video, the Supplemental Digital Content, available at: http://links. lww. com/JNPT/A447).

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