Curbing the COVID-19 digital infodemic: strategies and tools.

Curbing the COVID-19 digital infodemic: strategies and tools.

Publication date: Sep 19, 2023

A problematic manifestation of the COVID-19 pandemic is a related digital ‘infodemic’ with widespread dissemination of rumors, conspiracy theories, and other misinformation about the impact of the crisis on aspects of political and socio-economic life. Those spreading the misleading information did so through social media. In response, public, private and non-government stakeholders around the world have proposed a wide range of e-government policy approaches to combat this new digital phenomenon. For this Viewpoint I identified, analyzed, and classified the most interesting strategies, platforms, and tools proposed or already used by public decision-makers to combat the spread of false information related to the pandemic in a digital society.

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Conspiracy COVID-19
Covid Digital infodemic
Media Public awareness
Tools Public health
Social media


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disease MESH COVID-19

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