Re-purposed drive-through vaccination set-up for Mpox, New York Metropolitan Area.

Publication date: Dec 01, 2023

This report details how one large medical center in the Metropolitan New York area re-purposed a drive-through COVID-19 vaccination structure to handle a surge in Mpox cases in July 2022. Methods/Results: Simultaneous to on-going COVID -19 vaccination and testing, Mpox vaccination was rolled out in the same drive through structure. More than 1,820 Jynneos (Smallpox and Monkeypox Vaccine, Live, Non-replicating) vaccine dosages were delivered subcutaneously and then intradermally to 1,123 individuals through the open window of their vehicles, averaging 8-10 patients an hour. Five vaccine recipients suffered Mpox rash; there was no exposure among healthcare providers. Drive-through vaccination is an efficient model to be redeployed for future unexpected vaccine initiatives.

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July Epidemic surge
Monkeypox Intradermal
Vaccines Jynneos
Vaccine drive-through


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