Long COVID Rates Appear to Be Decreasing

Publication date: Dec 02, 2023

He notes that such a study would not be easy, particularly because COVID testing and tracking have recently slowed, so long COVID patients are likely being undercounted. The virus will continue to mutate, and the next variant could be far more severe than Omicron and thus drive long COVID ratesnot to mention deaths and hospitalizationsup again. Thus, many long COVID studies broke their data down not by infection date but by the dominant variant at the time. And multiple studies suggest that vaccination also reduces the chances of developing long COVIDespecially for those who stay up-to-date on their shots. Many scientists believe that the intrinsic features of the different SARS-CoV-2 strains make them more or less likely to cause long COVID. Mild cases can also lead to long COVID, however, causing scientists to argue that another factor is at play. At its worst, however, the syndrome can leave them bedridden. Now studies suggest the rates of long COVID may be dropping.

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