Micronanoparticled risedronate exhibits potent vaccine adjuvant effects.

Publication date: Nov 30, 2023

Micro/Nano-scale particles are widely used as vaccine adjuvants to enhance immune response and improve antigen stability. While aluminum salt is one of the most common adjuvants approved for human use, its immunostimulatory capacity is suboptimal. In this study, we modified risedronate, an immunostimulant and anti-osteoporotic drug, to create zinc salt particle-based risedronate (Zn-RS), also termed particulate risedronate. Compared to soluble risedronate, micronanoparticled Zn-RS adjuvant demonstrated increased recruitment of innate cells, enhanced antigen uptake locally, and a similar antigen depot effect as aluminum salt. Furthermore, Zn-RS adjuvant directly and quickly stimulated immune cells, accelerated the formulation of germinal centers in lymph nodes, and facilitated the rapid production of antibodies. Importantly, Zn-RS adjuvant exhibited superior performance in both young and aged mice, effectively protecting against respiratory diseases such as SARS-CoV-2 challenge. Consequently, particulate risedronate showed great potential as an immune-enhancing vaccine adjuvant, particularly beneficial for vaccines targeting the susceptible elderly.

Concepts Keywords
Accelerated Elderly population
Elderly Mechanism
Immunostimulatory Particulate adjuvant
Mice Respiratory disease
Zinc Risedronate


Type Source Name
drug DRUGBANK Risedronate
disease VO vaccine adjuvant
disease VO vaccine
disease IDO immune response
drug DRUGBANK Aluminium
drug DRUGBANK Zinc
disease IDO production
disease MESH respiratory diseases
disease VO population

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