Enhancing AI-CDSS with U-AnoGAN: Tackling data imbalance.

Publication date: Nov 27, 2023

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) have substantially evolved, aiding healthcare professionals in informed patient care decision-making. The integration of AI, encompassing machine learning and natural language processing, has notably enhanced the capabilities of CDSS. However, a significant challenge remains in addressing data imbalance and the black box nature of AI algorithms, particularly for rare diseases or underrepresented demographic groups. This study aims to propose a model, U-AnoGAN, designed to overcome these hurdles and augment the diagnostic accuracy of AI-integrated CDSS. The U-AnoGAN was trained using masks derived from normal data, focusing on the Covid-19 and pneumonia datasets. Anomaly scores were calculated to assess the model’s performance compared to existing AnoGAN-related algorithms. The study also evaluated the model’s interpretability through the visualization of abnormal regions. The results indicated that U-AnoGAN surpassed its counterparts in performance and interpretability. It effectively addressed the data imbalance problem by necessitating only normal data and showcased enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Precision, sensitivity, and specificity values reflected U-AnoGAN’s superior capability in accurate disease prediction, diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and adverse event detection. U-AnoGAN significantly bolsters the predictive power of AI-integrated CDSS, enabling more precise and timely diagnoses while providing better visualization to potentially overcome the black box problem. This model presents tremendous potential in elevating patient care with advanced AI tools and fostering more accurate and effective decision-making in healthcare environments. As the healthcare sector grapples with escalating data complexity and volume, the importance of models like U-AnoGAN in enhancing CDSS cannot be overstated.

Concepts Keywords
Algorithms AnoGAN
Black Anomaly detection
Healthcare CDSS
Models Data Analysis
Pneumonia Deep learning


Type Source Name
disease MESH rare diseases
disease MESH Covid-19
disease MESH pneumonia
disease VO adverse event
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide
disease VO effective
disease VO volume

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