Racial difference in mortality among COVID-19 hospitalizations in California.

Publication date: Dec 04, 2023

In the US, racial disparities in hospital outcomes are well documented. We explored whether race was associated with all-cause in-hospital mortality and intensive care unit (ICU) admission among COVID-19 patients in California. This was a retrospective analysis of California State Inpatient Database during 2020. Hospitalizations ≥ 18 years of age for COVID-19 were included. Cox proportional hazards with mixed effects were used for associations between race and in-hospital mortality. Logistic regression was used for the association between race and ICU admission. Among 87,934 COVID-19 hospitalizations, majority were Hispanics (56. 5%), followed by White (27. 3%), Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American (9. 9%), and Black (6. 3%). Cox regression showed higher mortality risk among Hispanics, compared to Whites (hazard ratio, 0. 91; 95% CI 0. 87-0. 96), Blacks (hazard ratio, 0. 87; 95% CI 0. 79-0. 94), and Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American (hazard ratio, 0. 89; 95% CI 0. 83-0. 95). Logistic regression showed that the odds of ICU admission were significantly higher among Hispanics, compared to Whites (OR, 1. 70; 95% CI 1. 67-1. 74), Blacks (OR, 1. 70; 95% CI 1. 64-1. 78), and Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American (OR, 1. 82; 95% CI 1. 76-1. 89). We found significant disparities in mortality among COVID-19 hospitalizations in California. Hispanics were the worst affected with the highest mortality and ICU admission rates.

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