COVID-19 and Antipsychotic Therapy: Unraveling the Thrombosis Risk.

COVID-19 and Antipsychotic Therapy: Unraveling the Thrombosis Risk.

Publication date: Jan 09, 2024

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this study investigates the potential correlation between the increased use of antipsychotic medications and the rising incidence of venous thromboembolism (VTE). As psychiatric disorders surged, the consequential escalation in antipsychotic drug use raised concerns about thrombotic risks. We conducted a comprehensive literature review using PubMed, focusing on articles that intersected COVID-19, antipsychotic medication, and thrombosis. This approach allowed for a nuanced examination of the historical and recent data on antipsychotic drugs and their association with thrombotic events. Our findings reveal a notable link between the use of antipsychotic medications, particularly second-generation antipsychotics, and an increased risk of VTE, including pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. This association was evident, despite variations in study designs and populations. The study underscores the need for cautious medication management in psychiatric care, especially during pandemic conditions like COVID-19, to mitigate thrombotic risks. It advocates a personalized approach to prescribing antipsychotics, considering individual patient factors and comorbidities, to balance the benefits against potential thrombotic complications.

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Covid Antipsychotic Agents
Drugs Antipsychotic Agents
Increased antipsychotic medications
Thromboembolism COVID-19
Venous Thromboembolism


Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH Thrombosis
disease MESH venous thromboembolism
disease MESH psychiatric disorders
disease MESH pulmonary embolism
disease MESH deep vein thrombosis
drug DRUGBANK Isoxaflutole
disease MESH complications
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease MESH thromboembolism
disease IDO process
disease MESH schizophrenia
disease MESH syndrome
disease MESH death
disease MESH comorbidity
drug DRUGBANK Chlorpromazine
drug DRUGBANK Amitriptyline
drug DRUGBANK Imipramine
disease VO frequency
disease VO Gap
disease VO population
drug DRUGBANK Haloperidol
drug DRUGBANK Thioridazine
drug DRUGBANK Clozapine
drug DRUGBANK Risperidone
drug DRUGBANK Olanzapine
drug DRUGBANK Quetiapine
drug DRUGBANK Ziprasidone
drug DRUGBANK Aripiprazole
drug DRUGBANK Paliperidone
drug DRUGBANK Asenapine
drug DRUGBANK Amisulpride
disease MESH mania
disease MESH dementia
disease MESH tardive dyskinesia
disease MESH sudden death
drug DRUGBANK Sulodexide
disease VO adverse event
pathway REACTOME Serotonin receptors
disease VO effective
disease MESH lifestyle
disease MESH hyperprolactinemia
disease MESH abnormalities
disease MESH bipolar disorder
disease MESH hemiparesis
disease MESH ischemic stroke
disease MESH myocardial infarction
drug DRUGBANK Sarizotan
disease MESH systemic lupus erythematosus
pathway KEGG Systemic lupus erythematosus
disease IDO susceptibility
disease MESH cardiovascular diseases
disease MESH metabolic syndrome
drug DRUGBANK Nitric Oxide
drug DRUGBANK N N-dimethylarginine
drug DRUGBANK Fibrinogen Human
disease VO dose
drug DRUGBANK Serotonin
drug DRUGBANK Leptin
drug DRUGBANK Adenosine
disease MESH obesity
disease MESH Immobilization
disease VO time
disease IDO blood
disease IDO acute infection
disease MESH weight gain
disease MESH branch retinal vein occlusion
disease MESH dyslipidemia
disease VO age
drug DRUGBANK Zuclopenthixol
drug DRUGBANK Flupentixol
drug DRUGBANK Beroctocog alfa
disease IDO immune response
disease MESH hemophilia
drug DRUGBANK Clopenthixol
disease MESH chronic renal failure
disease MESH heart disease
disease MESH inflammation
disease MESH infections
disease MESH Hypercoagulability
disease IDO infection
drug DRUGBANK Angiotensin II
disease VO nose
drug DRUGBANK Oxygen
drug DRUGBANK Von Willebrand Factor Human
drug DRUGBANK Tretamine
disease IDO production
disease MESH cytokine storm
disease MESH causality
disease IDO algorithm
disease IDO replication
disease MESH cancer
drug DRUGBANK Reserpine
disease MESH psychoses
disease MESH calcinosis
disease VO BotA
disease VO report
drug DRUGBANK Trestolone
disease MESH Papilledema
disease VO Pal
disease MESH Cerebrovascular accidents
disease VO organ
drug DRUGBANK Bemotrizinol
disease MESH embolus
disease MESH atrial fibrillation
pathway KEGG Platelet activation
disease MESH Long COVID
disease MESH thrombotic microangiopathies
disease IDO cell
disease MESH Critically Ill

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