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Publication date: Jan 19, 2024

Its net gearing ratio stands at 46pc, while net finance costs were covered 4. 5 times by operating profits in the first half of the year. It now expects pre-tax profits to be between 7. 9m and 8. 4m for the full year versus previous guidance of 9. 8m. Encouragingly, the companys financial position remains sound. Hold. Questor says: holdTicker: MBHShare price at close: 99. 5pUpdate: SDISDI, which is another of our IHT portfolio holdings, is also experiencing a tough operating environment. Try The Telegraph free for 1 month, then enjoy 1 year for just $9 with our US-exclusive offer. While this is clearly a hugely disappointing performance, the companys long-term growth outlook remains intact. Estimating exactly when they will be cut, though, represents an inefficient use of time. Therefore, it deserves more time to deliver on its potential.

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