How Much Less to Worry About Long COVID Now

Publication date: Jan 19, 2024

Acute disease, by definition, eventually comes to a close; as a chronic condition, long COVID means debilitation that, for many people, may never fully end. The less attention there is on COVID, the less likely people are to associate long-term symptoms with it, Priya Duggal, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University, told me. In the same way that immunity can guard a body against COVIDs most severe, acute forms, it may also protect against certain kinds of long COVID. And some physicians still dont believe in long COVIDthats what I hear a lot, Sanders told me. Additional infections can worsen the symptoms of people living with long COVID, or yank them out of remission. Long COVID may not kill as directly as severe, acute COVID has. At this point, people are entering this category at a greater rate than people are exiting this category, Michael Peluso, a long-COVID researcher at UCSF, told me.

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