New bipartisan bill would let moms in Congress vote by proxy after giving birth

Publication date: Jan 19, 2024

)This is just the one topic that were choosing to address, Luna said, adding that shes not opposed to expanding certain elements of proxy voting. And there really isnt anything in place to help support so many of us younger members, Jacobs, seated next to Luna in the Capitol, said Wednesday. Proxy voting became deeply unpopular among Republicans, even as many used it themselves. But she now chalks her old views up to inexperience. I think as a first-time freshman, theres a lot that you dont fully understand of how the institution works. So I think that we should consider coming up with something, Luna said. And so a lot of it, youre just kind of expected to learn on your own, she said. Then-Republican leader Kevin McCarthy even challenged it in court and promptly ended the practice when the GOP reclaimed the House majority last year. Rep.

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