The Age of Incoherent Partisanship

Publication date: Jan 19, 2024

I wrote in 2020 that I can never again be as partisan as I once was; I long ago quit the GOP and will never remarry another party. But one American party has collapsed; the other is holding together a fragile, but so far dominant, prodemocracy coalition. (Neither are they socialist, because even socialists put limits on state support, but thats an argument for another day. ) And then I realized that I am a 63-year-old man with additional comorbidities, and two years ago this mild cold might have turned into a mortal crisis. But shame on me: It shouldnt take illness to prod our sense of gratitude. Ill be off until next week (thankfully because of prior commitments rather than illness). Nothing is more important than the survival of the Constitution, even if some voters (and some legislators) insist on being mired in their own particularistic interests. Like so many of us, I needed a moment of reflection to realize how fortunate we are.

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