Rapidly developing communications materials during public health emergencies: the Âu Cơ campaign in the USA.

Rapidly developing communications materials during public health emergencies: the Âu Cơ campaign in the USA.

Publication date: Feb 01, 2024

During public health emergencies, health communication materials to contain the outbreak are needed promptly, which prevents the use of standard approaches for getting feedback from the intended audience. We propose a strategy for rapidly obtaining community feedback on new health communication materials during the public health emergencies. We illustrate this with COVID-19 testing campaign in a Vietnamese-American enclave in the USA. The project included community-based COVID-19 testing and communication activities to increase the awareness of the testing centers and encourage frequent testing. Our strategy involves two main components: (i) use of a research team with an existing trust relationship with the community and that includes researchers from that community and (ii) co-design of communication materials using community-based gatekeepers and a cultural broker. We developed brochures and posters to increase the awareness of the COVID-19 testing services. The cultural broker and community-based partners identified salient message concepts and worked with the researchers to define the objectives and content of the materials, which were then reviewed by the entire team. In lieu of standard pretesting, we relied on feedback on mockups of the materials and subsequent revisions from the community-based gatekeepers and cultural broker. Our strategy strikes a balance between the need to urgently disseminate new materials and the need for community input. One key takeaway is that effective planning for public health emergencies must start long before the crisis occurs.

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American brochures
Covid COVID-19 testing
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Urgently health communication
Vietnamese public health emergencies


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