Bilateral Femur and Humerus Avascular Necrosis Associated With Corticosteroids: A Rare Case Presentation.

Bilateral Femur and Humerus Avascular Necrosis Associated With Corticosteroids: A Rare Case Presentation.

Publication date: Dec 01, 2023

Avascular necrosis of the bone is a pathology characterized by compromised blood circulation, leading to necrosis due to insufficient vascular nourishment. Within the realm of orthopedics and traumatology, instances of avascular necrosis are steadily increasing. Notably, the escalating use of corticosteroids in managing inflammatory diseases and acute respiratory distress syndrome associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a surge of outpatient referrals concerning cases of glucocorticoid-associated avascular necrosis. This study aims to elucidate the management of avascular necrosis following oral corticosteroid use in a young and otherwise healthy male patient, impacting both humeral and femoral heads bilaterally. A 26-year-old adult male, devoid of chronic health conditions, received a diagnosis of bilateral avascular necrosis in humeral and femoral heads within two years following a one-month course of oral corticosteroids. The patient underwent a comprehensive treatment regimen, encompassing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oral antiplatelet therapy, a tailored physical therapy and rehabilitation program, and bilateral core decompression surgery for both hip joints. During the three-year follow-up, the patient exhibited a favorable response to treatment, demonstrating a complete and painless range of motion in both shoulder and hip joints. This case serves to underscore a crucial point: femoral head avascular necrosis may not invariably manifest as the initial bone affected, and a substantial time lapse may transpire between corticosteroid use and the onset of clinical symptoms. We emphasize the critical importance of not dismissing complaints pertaining to other bones in patients with a confirmed diagnosis and stress the significance of prompt detection in avascular necrosis. Furthermore, this study highlights the necessity for heightened vigilance in instances of orthopedic grievances among individuals with a history of corticosteroid use, particularly those related to the pandemic and inflammatory diseases, to facilitate early diagnosis and intervention for avascular necrosis.

Concepts Keywords
Bones bilateral femoral heads
Femoral bilateral humeral heads
Outpatient core decompression
Surgery corticosteroid-associated avascular necrosis
multifocal involvement


Type Source Name
disease MESH acute respiratory distress syndrome
disease MESH COVID-19 pandemic
drug DRUGBANK Oxygen
disease VO time
disease IDO history
disease IDO intervention
disease MESH osteonecrosis

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