Hospitalisations and Deaths Averted by COVID-19 Vaccination in Navarre, Spain, 2021-2022.

Hospitalisations and Deaths Averted by COVID-19 Vaccination in Navarre, Spain, 2021-2022.

Publication date: Jan 07, 2024

In 2021-2022, most of the Spanish population received COVID-19 vaccines and a high proportion of them had SARS-CoV-2 infection. We estimated the rate of hospitalisations and deaths that were averted by risk reduction among vaccinated COVID-19 cases. Hospitalisations and deaths were analysed among COVID-19 cases confirmed in 2021 and 2022 in Navarre, Spain. To calculate the number of prevented outcomes by sex, age, comorbidities, and semester, the difference in the risk of each outcome between unvaccinated and vaccinated cases was multiplied by the number of vaccinated cases. COVID-19 vaccination coverage with any dose reached 88%, 86% with full vaccination, and 56% with a booster dose. The cumulative rates per 1000 inhabitants were 382 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 6. 70 hospitalisations, and 1. 15 deaths from COVID-19. The estimated rates of prevented events by vaccination were 16. 33 hospitalisations and 3. 39 deaths per 1000 inhabitants, which was 70. 9% and 74. 7% of expected events without vaccination, respectively. People aged 80 years and older or with major chronic conditions accounted for the majority of hospitalizations and deaths prevented by COVID-19 vaccination. One hospitalisation and death due to COVID-19 were averted for every 53 and 258 people vaccinated, respectively. The high COVID-19 vaccine effect in reducing the risk of severe outcomes and the high vaccination coverage in risk populations prevented three out of four hospitalisations and deaths due to COVID-19 during a period of intense circulation of SARS-CoV-2.

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