Linking D-Dimer and haematological parameters among Indian COVID 19 patients.

Linking D-Dimer and haematological parameters among Indian COVID 19 patients.

Publication date: Dec 01, 2023

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak continues to place a significant strain on healthcare systems, economies, and patient management. Therefore, it is of interest to evaluate the role of D-Dimer and haematological parameters to identify severity and outcome of COVID 19 patients. Total 100 cases diagnosed with COVID 19 were recruited in the study and followed up for 6 months. The subjects were grouped into 2, Group 1: Newly Diagnosed COVID 19 Patients and Group 2: After 6 months of follow up COVID 19 Patients. We analyzed Hb, RBCs, WBCs, PT, APTT and D-Dimer and also, we taken CT values of the study subjects. A statistical analysis was done by using SPSS version 20. 0. The WBCs and haemoglobin mean values are shown significant values between the study subjects, respectively with p-values < 0. 001**. The PT and APTT significantly increased in newly diagnosed COVID 19 patients when compared to after 6 months of follow up at p-value < 0. 001**. There was a positive correlation of WBCs, PT, APTT (r= 0. 458, 526, 509) with D-Dimer and negatively correlated RBCS, Hb, CT (-0. 056, 321, 526, 353), respectively at p < 0. 001**. Thus, low platelet, high d-dimer, and fibrinogen may serve as risk markers for the progression of COVID-19 severity. Hence, COVID-19 patients may experience anaemia-related consequences as hypoxia, coronary and pulmonary failure due to low Hb concentration. Further, patients with COVID-19 also experience bleeding issues due to thrombocytopenia.

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Bioinformation COVID-19
Coronavirus CT and anaemia
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Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID 19
drug DRUGBANK Fibrinogen Human
disease MESH bleeding
disease MESH thrombocytopenia
disease VO volume
pathway REACTOME Release
disease MESH Emergency
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease VO Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
disease MESH influenza
disease MESH morbidity
disease MESH hypertension
disease MESH obesity
disease MESH severe acute respiratory syndrome
disease MESH thrombosis
disease MESH septic shock
drug DRUGBANK Dacarbazine
disease MESH pneumonia
disease MESH abnormalities
disease MESH lymphopenia
disease IDO blood
disease MESH Infections
disease VO Viruses
disease IDO process
disease MESH inflammation
disease MESH cytokine storm
disease MESH Disseminated intravascular coagulation
disease IDO infection
disease MESH acute respiratory distress syndrome
disease MESH pulmonary embolism
drug DRUGBANK Acetic acid
drug DRUGBANK Edetic Acid
drug DRUGBANK Sodium Citrate
disease VO ANOVA
disease MESH concomitant conditions
disease MESH death
disease IDO intervention
drug DRUGBANK Heparin
disease MESH anomia

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