Longitudinal NMR-Based Metabolomics Study Reveals How Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Recover: Evidence of Dyslipidemia and Energy Metabolism Dysregulation.

Publication date: Jan 26, 2024

Long COVID, or post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC), can manifest as long-term symptoms in multiple organ systems, including respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and metabolic systems. In patients with severe COVID-19, immune dysregulation is significant, and the relationship between metabolic regulation and immune response is of great interest in determining the pathophysiological mechanisms. We aimed to characterize the metabolomic footprint of recovering severe COVID-19 patients at three consecutive timepoints and compare metabolite levels to controls. Our findings add proof of dysregulated amino acid metabolism in the acute phase and dyslipidemia, glycoprotein level alterations, and energy metabolism disturbances in severe COVID-19 patients 3-4 months post-hospitalization.

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Concepts Keywords
Dyslipidemia COVID-19
Hospitalization dyslipidemia
Long metabolomics
Metabolomics nuclear magnetic resonance
Organ post-COVID-19 condition
post-COVID-19 syndrome

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