Evaluation of Intussusception Following Pentavalent Rotavirus Vaccine (RotaTeq) Administration in 5 African Countries.

Publication date: Jan 25, 2024

A low-level risk of intussusception following rotavirus vaccination has been observed in some settings and may vary by vaccine type. We examined the association between RotaTeq vaccination and intussusception in low-income settings in a pooled analysis from 5 African countries that introduced RotaTeq into their national immunization program. Active surveillance was conducted at 20 hospitals to identify intussusception cases. A standard case report form was completed for each enrolled child, and vaccination status was determined by review of the child’s vaccination card. The pseudo-likelihood adaptation of self-controlled case-series method was used to assess the association between RotaTeq administration and intussusception in the 1-7, 8-21, and 1-21 day periods after each vaccine dose in infants aged 28-245 days. Data from 318 infants with confirmed rotavirus vaccination status were analyzed. No clustering of cases occurred in any of the risk windows after any of the vaccine doses. Compared with the background risk of naturally occurring intussusception, no increased risk was observed after dose 1 in the 1-7 day (relative incidence = 2. 71; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 0. 47-8. 03) or the 8-21 day window (relative incidence = 0. 77; 95%CI = 0. 0-2. 69). Similarly, no increased risk of intussusception was observed in any risk window after dose 2 or 3. RotaTeq vaccination was not associated with increased risk of intussusception in this analysis from 5 African countries. This finding mirrors results from similar analyses with other rotavirus vaccines in low-income settings and highlights the need for vaccine-specific and setting-specific risk monitoring.

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