mRNA vaccine boosters and impaired immune system response in immune compromised individuals: a narrative review.

Publication date: Jan 27, 2024

Over the last 24 months, there has been growing evidence of a correlation between mRNA COVID-19 vaccine boosters and increased prevalence of COVID-19 infection and other pathologies. Recent works have added possible causation to correlation. mRNA vaccine boosters may impair immune system response in immune compromised individuals. Multiple doses of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines may result in much higher levels of IgG 4 antibodies, or also impaired activation of CD4 + and CD8 + T cells. The opportunity for mRNA vaccine boosters to impair the immune system response needs careful consideration, as this impacts the cost-to-benefit ratio of the boosters’ practice.

Concepts Keywords
24months CD4 + T cells
Cd4 CD8 + T cells
Mrna COVID-19
Recent IgG 4 antibodies
Vaccines Vaccines


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disease VO vaccine
pathway REACTOME Immune System
disease VO COVID-19 vaccine
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH infection

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