Evaluating the Accuracy of Upper Limb Movement in the Sagittal Plane among Computer Users during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Publication date: Feb 02, 2024

(1) Background: The most common musculoskeletal pathology among healthcare professionals is neck and/or shoulder pain. The aim of this study was to determine the dominant upper limb functionality concerning the ability to replicate a given movement pattern among employees reporting neck or upper limb pain while using a computer during the COVID-19 pandemic. (2) Methods: The study was conducted from March to April 2021 on a group of 45 medical employees who used a computer workstation for 4 to 6 h of their working time. In the design of this study, three study groups were created: a group of patients with pain syndrome of segment C5/C7 of the spine, a group of patients with shoulder pain syndrome, and a control group of healthy volunteers. (3) Results: The examined groups significantly differed in the correctness of performing the given movement (p = 0. 001) and the minimum value of inclination during the exercise session (p = 0. 026), as well as the maximum lowering (p = 0. 03) in relation to the control group. (4) Conclusions: The VECTIS device can be used to assess the accuracy of reflecting the prescribed movement of the upper limb in rehabilitation programs for patients with cervical spine pain syndrome and shoulder pain syndrome.

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April computer users
Healthcare COVID-19 pandemic
Pandemic sagittal plane
Plane upper limb movement


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disease MESH COVID-19 Pandemic
disease VO time
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disease MESH stroke
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