Strong immunogenicity & protection in mice with PlaCCine: A COVID-19 DNA vaccine formulated with a functional polymer.

Publication date: Jan 31, 2024

DNA- based vaccines have demonstrated the potential as a safe and effective modality. PlaCCine, a DNA-based vaccine approach described subsequently relies on a synthetic DNA delivery system and is independent of virus or device. The synthetic functionalized polymer combined with DNA demonstrated stability over 12 months at 4C and for one month at 25C. Transfection efficiency compared to naked DNA increased by 5-15-fold in murine skeletal muscle. Studies of DNA vaccines expressing spike proteins from variants D614G (pVAC15), Delta (pVAC16), or a D614G + Delta combination (pVAC17) were conducted. Mice immunized intramuscular injection (IM) with pVAC15, pVAC16 or pVAC17 formulated with functionalized polymer and adjuvant resulted in induction of spike-specific humoral and cellular responses. Antibody responses were observed after one immunization. And endpoint IgG titers increased to greater than 1x 10 two weeks after the second injection. Neutralizing antibodies as determined by a pseudovirus competition assay were observed following vaccination with pVAC15, pVAC16 or pVAC17. Spike specific T cell immune responses were also observed following vaccination and flow cytometry analysis demonstrated the cellular immune responses included both CD4 and CD8 spike specific T cells. The immune responses in vaccinated mice were maintained for up to 14 months after vaccination. In an immunization and challenge study of K18 hACE2 transgenic mice pVAC15, pVAC16 and pVAC17 induced immune responses lead to decreased lung viral loads by greater than 90 % along with improved clinical score. These findings suggest that PlaCCine DNA vaccines are effective and stable and further development against emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants is warranted.

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