Investigating adaptive sport participation for adults aged 50 years or older with spinal cord injury or disease: A descriptive cross-sectional survey.

Publication date: Feb 05, 2024

Spinal cord injury or disease (SCI/D) can lead to health challenges that are exacerbated with aging. Adaptive sport is understood to provide health benefits for the SCI/D population. Prior literature investigating adaptive sport in this population pertains to adults with SCI/D who are 50 years of age. This study aimed to: (1) Compare demographics of those who do and do not participate in adaptive sport; (2) Describe the characteristics of adaptive sport that adults aged ≥50 years with SCI/D participate in; and (3) Identify barriers and facilitators to adaptive sport participation in this age group. This descriptive, cross-sectional survey was carried out using an online survey. Analytical statistics were used to address objective one, while descriptive statistics were employed for objectives two and three. Responses from 72 adults aged ≥50 years, residing in Canada, living with a SCI/D for >6 months were included in the analysis. Findings revealed that adaptive sport participants aged ≥50 years with SCI/D were more likely to identify as men, be younger individuals (50-59 years), and report greater satisfaction with physical health (P 

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