High Mobility Group Box 1 Gene Polymorphism and Serum High Mobility Group Box 1, Interleukin 1 Beta, and Alpha-Klotho Crosstalk in Severe COVID-19 Patients.

Publication date: Feb 06, 2024

To evaluate the serum levels of HMGB1, IL1β, and α-klotho in COVID-19 patients with different disease severity, investigate their association with clinicopathological parameters, and to assess HMGB1 rs1045411 polymorphism and its relation with clinical severity. 120 COVID-19 patients (89 critically ill, 15 severe, and 16 moderately severe) along with 80 healthy control were enrolled. The serum levels of HMGB1,IL1β, and α-klotho were determined by ELISA. The HMGB1 rs1045411 polymorphism was detected by RT- PCR. The serum levels of HMGB1, IL1β, and α-klotho were significantly higher in critically ill COVID-19 patients compared to other groups. The HMGB1rs1045411 polymorphism revealed a significant decrease in the percentage of T/T genotypes in COVID-19 patients compared to controls. The (ROC) analysis showed moderate diagnostic potential for serum HMGB1, IL1β, and α-klotho. The serum HMGB1, IL1β, and α-klotho may be severity markers and promising therapeutic targets for COVID-19 patients.

Concepts Keywords
Clinicopathological COVID-19
Covid HMGB1
Hmgb1rs1045411 IL1β
Pcr α-klotho


Type Source Name
disease VO gene
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH critically ill
drug DRUGBANK Saquinavir

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