Visitor preferences in rural gastronomic tourism environment and the related design implications.

Publication date: Feb 15, 2024

Since COVID-19, people have suffered tremendous impacts in all aspects of their lives and work, with subtle changes in their environment preferences. The rural areas, with their natural green space, low density, and leisurely habitat, have played an important role after the pandemic and are widely favored by people. Research on rural environments after COVID-19 has received much attention. In the wake of the pandemic, people’s needs for the environment have changed not only in terms of physical space, but also in terms of psychological needs. To address the issue of adaptability and resiliency of the future tourism development of the rural areas, this study takes the real subjective feelings of rural visitors as the evaluation standard, and takes the rural gastronomic tourism environment as the research object. We analyzed a sample of 14,373 images and 324,676 comments in Chinese posted by 3484 visitors on social media to explore whether and how people’s preferences for rural environments have changed since the pandemic. Findings revealed significant differences in preference for the rural gastronomic tourism environment factors before and after the pandemic. There is variability in environment preferences depending on different gender, environment flexibility and the region. From the perspective of the rural gastronomic tourism environment, the research results provide suggestions for rural planning and rural tourism sustainability, and provide feasible paths for sustainable development and conservation of rural landscapes oriented to human needs, to enhance the resilience and sustainability of rural environments in the future.

Concepts Keywords
Chinese COVID-19
Gastronomic Landscape evaluation
Pandemic Rural environment
Sustainability Rural gastronomic tourism
Social media data


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disease MESH COVID-19
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