Safety and immunogenicity of CoronaVac in healthy adults: A prospective observational multicenter real-world study in Henan Province, China.

Publication date: Dec 01, 2024

Vaccination has emerged as the primar approach for managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite certain clinical trials reporting the safety and immunogenicity of CoronaVac, additional multicenter real-world studies are still necessary. In this study, we recruited 506 healthy volunteers who were not infected with COVID-19 or vaccinated. Each participant provided peripheral blood samples three times: prior to the first dose of vaccine, prior to the second dose, and 8 weeks following the second dose. Ultimately, 388 participants completed the entire follow-up process. No serious adverse events were observed among any of the participants. Within 1 week of vaccination, 13. 4% of participants experienced systemic adverse reactions, with fatigue (5. 93%) and dizziness (3. 35%) being the most frequent. Although some clinical indicators, including creatinine, significantly changed after vaccination (p 

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8weeks CoronaVac
China immunogenicity
Pandemic neutralizing antibodies
Vaccinated prediction model


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