Assessing the severity of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine-related side effects through pulse spectrum analysis.

Publication date: Feb 09, 2024

AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine is one of the most common vaccines against COVID-19 used globally. However, adverse reactions post-vaccination have been reported, including severe symptoms and cases of sudden death within several hours. Therefore, this study aimed to establish a database of spectral characteristics of blood pressure waveforms (BPWs) for the AZ vaccine and analyze reactions after vaccine administration using objective physiological signal and symptom analyses for identifying potential differences between heavy and slight groups defined in the study. In total, 24 participants were enrolled in the case-control study. BPW measurements were acquired pre- and post-vaccination. A questionnaire survey on side effects was conducted 5 days after vaccination. The related spectral characteristics of heavy and slight groups were acquired after Fourier transform analysis. Four types of harmonic indexes from BPW signals, including amplitude proportion (Cn), coefficient of variation of Cn (CVn), phase angle (Pn), and standard deviation of Pn (Pn_SD), were derived. The characteristics of harmonic indexes of arterial BPW for the AZ vaccine were in C6 (P = . 011), CV2 (P = . 027), P5 (P = . 009), and P2_SD (P = . 027) on the radial pulse. C5 (P = . 037), C8 (P = . 007), C9 (P = . 037), CV5 (P = . 015), CV8 (P = . 005), and CV9 (P = . 028) were significantly different at posttest between heavy and slight groups. In both pretest or posttest, C8 was almost significantly different between slight and heavy groups. More parameters changed significantly post-vaccination, with more severe side effects. Most average values of posttest/pretest of CVn and Pn_SD in the slight group exceeded 100%. All average values of posttest/pretest of CVn and Pn_SD in the heavy group were smaller than 100%. This approach may enable prediction of the risk of reactions post-vaccination to determine suitability of the AZ vaccine and evaluation of side effect severity in vaccinated individuals using pulse analysis to ensure relevant precautions are taken.

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