Facilitators and barriers to implementation of telemedicine in nursing homes: A qualitative systematic review and meta-aggregation.

Publication date: Feb 10, 2024

Telemedicine is an effective way to provide nursing home residents ease of access to consultations with healthcare professionals. It is safe, effective, and time- and cost-efficient, and can be used when there are movement restrictions, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. This literature focuses only on healthcare professionals’ experiences and perspectives on the use of telemedicine in long-term care facilities. This review concentrated on telemedicine programs that did not involve remote monitoring. It aimed to comprehensively appraise existing literature examining the facilitators and barriers in implementing telemedicine services in nursing homes. A systematic qualitative review was conducted with content analysis. Database searching was conducted in PubMed, Embase, Cochrane, Scopus, and CINAHL. Hand searching for gray literature and reference lists of included papers was also performed. Qualitative studies or mixed-method studies with a qualitative analysis addressing implementation of telemedicine in any long-term care facilities were included. The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme qualitative checklist was used to assess the quality of the included studies. The data were extracted and cross-checked between two reviewers. A third reviewer was consulted for any disagreements. Meta-aggregation was used to synthesize the results. Eighty-one findings were extracted, which informed 16 categories and 13 synthesized findings. The synthesized findings were related to the innovation domain, infrastructure, work processes, individuals, and implementation processes. This review highlighted factors that affect the successful implementation of a telemedicine service in nursing homes. These findings provide evidence to support the future utilization of this service in the nursing home setting. Further research should explore the best approach to address these barriers and facilitators.

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Efficient long-term care
Home nursing home
Nursing systematic qualitative review
Pandemic telemedicine


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