Synthesis of Hybrid Data Consisting of Chest Radiographs and Tabular Clinical Records Using Dual Generative Models for COVID-19 Positive Cases.

Publication date: Feb 13, 2024

To generate synthetic medical data incorporating image-tabular hybrid data by merging an image encoding/decoding model with a table-compatible generative model and assess their utility. We used 1342 cases from the Stony Brook University Covid-19-positive cases, comprising chest X-ray radiographs (CXRs) and tabular clinical data as a private dataset (pDS). We generated a synthetic dataset (sDS) through the following steps: (I) dimensionally reducing CXRs in the pDS using a pretrained encoder of the auto-encoding generative adversarial networks (αGAN) and integrating them with the correspondent tabular clinical data; (II) training the conditional tabular GAN (CTGAN) on this combined data to generate synthetic records, encompassing encoded image features and clinical data; and (III) reconstructing synthetic images from these encoded image features in the sDS using a pretrained decoder of the αGAN. The utility of sDS was assessed by the performance of the prediction models for patient outcomes (deceased or discharged). For the pDS test set, the area under the receiver operating characteristic (AUC) curve was calculated to compare the performance of prediction models trained separately with pDS, sDS, or a combination of both. We created an sDS comprising CXRs with a resolution of 256 cD7 256 pixels and tabular data containing 13 variables. The AUC for the outcome was 0. 83 when the model was trained with the pDS, 0. 74 with the sDS, and 0. 87 when combining pDS and sDS for training. Our method is effective for generating synthetic records consisting of both images and tabular clinical data.

Concepts Keywords
Brook Auto-encoding GAN
Covid COVID-19
Radiographs CTGAN
Reconstructing Data sharing
Synthetic data generation


Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID-19
drug DRUGBANK Sodium lauryl sulfate
disease VO effective

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