Factors Associated With Racially and Ethnically Diverse Sample of Adolescents, Young Adults, and Parents’ Intention to Receive a COVID-19 Vaccine.

Publication date: Feb 11, 2024

Identify variables, including moderating variables, associated with adolescents, young adults, and parents’ intention to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in January 2021. Cross-sectional survey. United States Midwestern academic medical center. Adolescents (n = 242); young adults (n = 333); parents (n = 563). Associations between predictors-participant characteristics, general vaccine hesitancy, COVID-19 and vaccine knowledge, perceptions, and normative beliefs-and intention to receive a COVID-19 vaccine (outcome) were assessed. To determine variables impacting the strength of the relationship between predictors and outcome, moderators included 2020/2021 influenza vaccine receipt, having experienced discrimination, and primary sources of information for COVID-19. Multivariable logistic regression examined associations, including moderating effects, for adolescents, young adults, parents, and parents for child. With 20,231 email addresses receiving the survey, 1138 participants were included in the analysis. Intention to receive a COVID-19 vaccine was reported by 60. 7% adolescents (n = 147), 65. 2% young adults (n = 217), and 38. 5% parents (n = 217) and 38. 2% parents (n = 215) intended to vaccinate their child. Intention was associated with lower general vaccine hesitancy for adolescents (AOR = 1. 50), young adults (AOR = 1. 39), parents (AOR = 1. 18), and parents’ intention for their child (AOR = 1. 17). Parents citing reputable medical experts as primary source of COVID-19 information positively moderated vaccine perceptions and intention for self (AOR = 8. 25) and child (AOR = 6. 37). Clinician training to address vaccine hesitancy may be effective at promoting positive COVID-19 vaccine perceptions.

Concepts Keywords
Influenza adolescent
Midwestern COVID-19 vaccines
Moderators parents
Young SARS-cov-2
vaccination hesitancy
young adults


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disease VO COVID-19 vaccine
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