Physical activity promotion in French cystic fibrosis centers: capitalizing on experience.

Publication date: Feb 12, 2024

Physical activity (PA) provides physical and psychosocial benefits for people with cystic fibrosis (pwCF). However, practice levels remain below recommendations and strategies for promoting PA in specialist centers need to be better identified. The socio-ecological model of health emphasizes the central role of policies and environment in influencing individuals’ health behaviors. This model provides a basis for understanding how health professionals perceive the promotion of PA in their centers. The aim of this study was to explore intervention components of PA promotion in specialized CF centers in France that are “experienced” in PA promotion, to identify elements that can be transferable to other centers. A descriptive qualitative study was conducted with 16 healthcare professionals and pwCF. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and analyzed using inductive and deductive methods classically used in psychology. Five themes were extracted: the action and its context, the partnerships established around this action to promote physical activity, the evaluation of the action, its reproducibility, and the changes induced by COVID-19. Some factors emerged as essential for promoting PA among pwCF, notably the dialogue between the health professionals and patients, the presence of adapted PA instructors, and the involvement of partners.

Concepts Keywords
Covid adapted physical activity
Ecological capitalization
Fibrosis cystic fibrosis
French Physical activity
Therapy socio-ecological model


Type Source Name
disease MESH cystic fibrosis
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide
disease IDO intervention
disease MESH COVID-19

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