Researchers publish comprehensive report on long COVID symptoms in children

Researchers publish comprehensive report on long COVID symptoms in children

Publication date: Feb 13, 2024

For instance, about 45% of the children who developed long COVID experienced COVID-19 symptoms rather than symptomless infections (15%). “Some believe children don’t get long COVID, and others just don’t know the signs and symptoms. CHLA researchers and their collaborators in the RECOVER Initiative have published a comprehensive report on pediatric long COVID symptoms in the journal Pediatrics. Brain fog/fatigue can also mimic the symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitisknown as chronic fatigue syndrome. “Our hope is that this effort to better understand long COVID can lead to a deeper understanding of these other conditions as welland to effective treatments. I think the big ‘added value’ to this published study is that it provides some of the characteristic ‘fingerprints’ that pediatricians can use to recognize long COVID. “But we still don’t know which patients are at risk for long-term symptoms.

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