PEDV-spike-protein-expressing mRNA vaccine protects piglets against PEDV challenge.

Publication date: Feb 14, 2024

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), a swine enteropathogenic coronavirus, causes severe diarrhea in neonatal piglets, which is associated with a high mortality rate. Thus, developing effective and safe vaccines remains a top priority for controlling PEDV infection. Here, we designed two lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-encapsulated mRNA (mRNA-LNP) vaccines encoding either the full-length PEDV spike (S) protein or a multiepitope chimeric spike (Sm) protein. We found that the S mRNA-LNP vaccine was superior to the Sm mRNA-LNP vaccine at inducing antibody and cellular immune responses in mice. Evaluation of the immunogenicity and efficacy of the S mRNA vaccine in piglets confirmed that it induced robust PEDV-specific humoral and cellular immune responses in vivo. Importantly, the S mRNA-LNP vaccine not only protected actively immunized piglets against PEDV but also equipped neonatal piglets with effective passive anti-PEDV immunity in the form of colostrum-derived antibodies after the immunization of sows. Our findings suggest that the PEDV-S mRNA-LNP vaccine is a promising candidate for combating PEDV infection. IMPORTANCEPorcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) continues to harm the global swine industry. It is important to develop a highly effective vaccine to control PEDV infection. Here, we report a PEDV spike (S) mRNA vaccine that primes a potent antibody response and antigen-specific T-cell responses in immunized piglets. Active and passive immunization can protect piglets against PED following the virus challenge. This study highlights the efficiency of the PEDV-S mRNA vaccine and represents a viable approach for developing an efficient PEDV vaccine.

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Diarrhea mRNA vaccine
Efficient PEDV
Mice piglets
Nanoparticle protective immunity
Vaccine spike protein


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