Safety, immunogenicity and protective effectiveness of heterologous boost with a recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (Sf9 cells) in adult recipients of inactivated vaccines.

Publication date: Feb 14, 2024

Vaccines have proven effective in protecting populations against COVID-19, including the recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (Sf9 cells), the first approved recombinant protein vaccine in China. In this positive-controlled trial with 85 adult participants (Sf9 cells group: n = 44; CoronaVac group: n = 41), we evaluated the safety, immunogenicity, and protective effectiveness of a heterologous boost with the Sf9 cells vaccine in adults who had been vaccinated with the inactivated vaccine, and found a post-booster adverse events rate of 20. 45% in the Sf9 cells group and 31. 71% in the CoronaVac group (p = 0. 279), within 28 days after booster injection. Neither group reported any severe adverse events. Following the Sf9 cells vaccine booster, the geometric mean titer (GMT) of binding antibodies to the receptor-binding domain of prototype SARS-CoV-2 on day 28 post-booster was significantly higher than that induced by the CoronaVac vaccine booster (100,683. 37 vs. 9,451. 69, p 

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