Lessons Learned from Contact Tracing COVID-19 cases in Dental Settings in East Scotland.

Publication date: Feb 19, 2024

Dental settings were considered high risk settings for COVID-19. A Dental Public Health Team in East Scotland worked to risk assess each situation timeously to break chains of transmission. To present learning from routine data collected from contact tracing COVID-19 cases in the dental setting. Retrospective analysis of a routine data set of COVID-19 cases associated with a dental setting reported via the national contact tracing system for two health board areas in the East of Scotland. Descriptive statistics summarise the data collected over a 13-month period (Oct 2020-Dec 2021) during which all included COVID-19 cases were confirmed by PCR. A narrative presents output from contact tracing of all cases and includes themes identified during contact tracing that led to transmission within a dental setting. A case study illustrates impact of transmission. 752 cases are included. No evidence of staff to patient transmission or vice versa was found in this study. Staff to staff transmission occurred in non-clinical areas contributing to 33% of total staff cases with the remainder assessed to result from community transmission. Transmission of COVID-19 in a dental setting, in the context of this study, appears to be confined to non-clinical areas with the majority of staff cases resulting from community transmission. Future pandemic plans should include tools to aid with implementation of guidance in non-clinical areas.

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Dental contract tracing
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Pandemic dentistry
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