Perceptions of the COVID-19 Vaccine and Other Adult Vaccinations in Malawi: A Qualitative Assessment.

Publication date: Feb 20, 2024

In Malawi, various brands of the COVID-19 vaccine have been offered to the population, but factors including fear of side effects or other risks, uncertainty about benefits, and misinformation created hesitancy toward them. In early 2022, 4% of Malawians were fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Despite multiple promotion efforts, by August 2022, COVID-19 vaccination nationwide was around 15%. To increase COVID-19 vaccination uptake, the research team collected qualitative data in 4 districts with vaccine coverage levels ranging from 1% to 11%. This data collection happened during a cholera outbreak that began in March 2022 and the vaccination efforts to address it. Study participants included male and female members of the general population, social workers, people with comorbidities, health workers, and community leaders (224 participants total, 47% female). In focus group discussions (n=27) and in-depth interviews (n=17), participants compared COVID-19 vaccines with other adult vaccines, such as cholera and tetanus toxoid. A thematic analysis identified themes related to 3 research questions on COVID-19 vaccine concerns, confidence, and delivery affecting uptake. Differences in promotion, delivery (oral versus injection), COVID-19 vaccine card structure, the various brands and boosters, and vaccines being described as required or optional all played a role in distinguishing COVID-19 vaccines from other vaccines and creating suspicion or indifference. Barriers to vaccination in general, such as rumors or knowledge gaps, were amplified by how novel the COVID-19 vaccines were perceived to be and the changing guidance provided over time. By April 2023, more targeted campaign efforts helped increase vaccination rates to 28%. The findings contribute information about how individuals conceptualize and make decisions about adult vaccination, which can, in turn, inform strategies to integrate COVID-19 promotion and delivery with other disease responses in Malawi as well as routine health services in similar settings.

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