Overproduction of immune system protein may be biomarker of long COVID

Publication date: Feb 23, 2024

Most cite persistent fatigue as the major symptom, but long COVID can also bring brain fog, chronic cough and other issues. Photo by Adobe Stock/HealthDay NewsInfection with the COVID-19 virus triggers the production of an immune system protein that’s long been associated with fatigue, muscle ache and depression. In the study, researchers tracked the 55 long COVID patients for up to 31 months. “These symptoms are all too familiar to long COVID patients. Trouble is, for folks suffering from long COVID this protein overproduction does not stop, researchers at the University of Cambridge report. “Understanding what causes long COVID now could give us a crucial head start. Advertisement”We have found a potential mechanism underlying long COVID which could represent a biomarker — that is, a tell-tale signature of the condition.

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