Personal Protective Equipment Portraits Canada (PPC)-Humanization and surveying mask-wearing nationally.

Publication date: Feb 23, 2024

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Portraits is a hybridized art and medical intervention that lessens the alienating appearance of PPE through wearable, smiling headshot pictures. During the pandemic, the use of these portraits was expanded, but Canadian initiatives offered portraits only to immediate stakeholders. PPE Portraits Canada (PPC) aimed to provide PPE portraits to any Canadian healthcare institution and surveyed healthcare workers (HCW) regarding these portraits’ impact. University student volunteers founded PPC via online platforms and coast-to-coast collaborations that allowed any HCW nationwide to request a free portrait via an accessible online form. PPC has gathered feedback from participating HCWs directly via an anonymous and bilingual survey. 70% of HCWs wore their portraits “always” or “usually”, 69% of HCWs “definitely would” recommend their portrait, 89. 5% of HCWs found that the PPE portraits made a difference in their experiences with patients and 74% found the same for their colleagues. The pre- and post-effect of the portraits, led to a 37. 5% greater likelihood that HCWs felt “connected” or “very connected” to patients/residents. For the thematic analysis, 70% or more of the comments were rated as positive, with less than 5% of comments being rated as negative. This model’s logistical framework can be expanded beyond PPE portraits to other initiatives with limited resources, allowing them to reach and positively impact diverse populations. HCW feedback was predominantly positive. The optimal design and impact of PPE portraits on patients and HCWs should be studied further to improve portrait adoption.

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