Pregnant Patients with COVID-19 Admitted to an ICU: A Comparison with a Historical Cohort of Critical Pregnant Patients without COVID-19.

Publication date: Jan 23, 2024

Maternal mortality and ICU admissions have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. We reported a case-series of pregnant patients with COVID-19 admitted to an ICU and we compared them with a historical cohort of pregnant patients admitted to an ICU without COVID-19. We included all pregnant patients with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection admitted to our ICU in 2021. As a historical control group, we included all pregnant women who were admitted to our ICU between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2013. In 2021, 11 pregnant patients (pts) with COVID-19 were admitted to an ICU, representing 2. 87% of ICU admissions. We found that pregnant patients with COVID-19 (1) had a higher BMI (34. 6 vs. 28. 8, p = 0. 04) and a lower gestational age (30. 6 vs. 34 weeks, p = 0. 03), (2) were mainly admitted for respiratory failure (100% vs. 2. 7%; p = 0. 001) and (3) required more days of invasive and non-invasive ventilations (54. 5% vs. 5. 2%, p = 0. 002), a longer duration of stay at the ICU (21. 9 vs. 4. 8 days, p < 0. 0001) and had a higher mortality rate (27. 3% vs. 0%, p = 0. 0192). Pregnant patients with COVID-19 represent a challenge for ICU physicians due to their different characteristics and outcomes when compared to pregnant patients without COVID-19.

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December COVID-19
Laboratory ICU
Pandemic maternal mortality


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