COVID-19 Unveiling Heart Failure in the Realm of Rheumatic Heart Disease.

Publication date: Jan 01, 2024

The global coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has resulted in various clinical manifestations, including cardiovascular complications. This case report focuses on a unique instance where COVID-19 infection exacerbated heart failure and induced atrial fibrillation in a previously asymptomatic young male with undiagnosed rheumatic heart disease (RHD). RHD, a prevalent cause of valvular abnormalities in developing countries, poses an additional risk for severe outcomes when coexisting with COVID-19 infection, highlighting the need for prompt and tailored interventions.

Concepts Keywords
Cardiovascular aortic regurgitation
Coronavirus aortic stenosis
Global covid-19
Rheumatic mitral regurgitation
Young rheumatic heart disease
rheumatic mitral stenosis
systolic heart failure
tricuspid regurgitation


Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH Heart Failure
disease MESH Rheumatic Heart Disease
disease VO Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
disease MESH complications
disease VO report
disease MESH infection
disease MESH atrial fibrillation
disease MESH abnormalities
disease MESH aortic regurgitation
disease MESH aortic stenosis
disease MESH atrial flutter
disease MESH mitral regurgitation
disease MESH mitral stenosis
disease MESH systolic heart failure
disease MESH tricuspid regurgitation

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