Design of an innovative sanitation system for bike-sharing service.

Publication date: Feb 29, 2024

The concept of a novel sanitization device specifically designed for helmets used in bike share services is presented in this scientific work. The system uses ozone, a powerful oxidizing agent, to completely remove dust and bacteria from the helmet surface. Throughout the development process, special attention has been paid to the dual initial goals of efficacy in removing dirt and batteries, as well as ease of use related to the device’s safety. In fact, today’s sharing services are rarely capable of providing adequate disinfection of the tools, which is especially troubling given the most recent years of pandemic caused by Covid-19. The invention of the ozone-based sanitization device addresses the growing concern about hygiene and safety in bike share services. Furthermore, due to its portability and ease of use, the device is a cost-effective and viable solution for use in a variety of settings. A significant contribution to the advancement of sanitization technology and public health is expected with this work.

Concepts Keywords
Bacteria Eco-sustainability design
Bike Hygiene
Covid Innovation
Pandemic Safety
Sanitation Sanitation system
Sharing services


Type Source Name
disease VO device
drug DRUGBANK Ozone
disease VO Bacteria
disease IDO process
drug DRUGBANK Nonoxynol-9
disease MESH Covid-19
disease VO effective
disease VO viable

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