Is 1 Day of Focused Training in Echocardiographic Assessment Using Subxiphoid-Only (EASy) Examination Enough? A Tertiary Hospital Response to the COVID-19 Crisis and the Use of the EASy Examination to Support Unit-Wide Image Acquisition.

Publication date: Mar 01, 2024

We assessed the efficacy of 1-day training in echocardiography assessment using subxiphoid-only (EASy) followed by supervised image interpretation and decision-making during patient rounds as a novel approach to scaling up the use of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in critically ill patients. Retrospective analysis of medical records and EASy examination images. Tertiary care academic hospital. A total of 14 adults (> 18 yr old) with COVID-19-associated respiratory failure under the care of Albany Medical Center’s surge response team from April 6-17, 2020 who received at least one EASy examination. Residents (previously novice sonographers) were trained in EASy examination using 1 day of didactic and hands-on training, followed by independent image acquisition and supervised image interpretation, identification of hemodynamic patterns, and clinical decision-making facilitated by an echocardiography-certified physician during daily rounds. We recorded the quality of resident-obtained EASy images, scanning time, and frequency with which the supervising physician had to repeat the examination or obtain additional images. A total of 63 EASy examinations were performed; average scanning time was 4. 3 minutes. Resident-obtained images were sufficient for clinical decision-making on 55 occasions (87%), in the remaining 8 (13%) the supervising physician obtained further images. EASy examination is an efficient, valuable tool under conditions of scarce resources. The educational model of 1-day training followed by supervised image interpretation and decision-making allows rapid expansion of the pool of sonographers and implementation of bedside echocardiography into routine ICU patient management.

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