Bibliometric Analysis of Research Papers on Academic Stress (1989-2023).

Publication date: Mar 01, 2024

This extensive study provides a comprehensive overview of the contemporary research landscape about academic stress, emphasizing on identifying the most relevant contributors and understanding prevalent trends. The analysis included 5,375 results from the PubMed database and revealed a consistent upward trajectory with fluctuations in research paper publications over the years. Network analysis and visualization were performed using the Biblioshiny app and VOSviewer software. The analysis identified that the University of Oslo has published the highest number of research papers related to academic stress. In contrast, the Netherlands, the USA, and Australia demonstrated the highest frequency of collaboration. Analysis of keywords and their co-occurrence provides an overview of the research focus and the areas associated with psychological stress due to academics. Thematic evaluation and topic trend analysis provided insights into the evolving nature of research in academic stress. The thematic map depicts two categories of themes – motor themes, including psychological stress, its epidemiology, the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the mental health of university students, particularly those in medical programs; and emerging themes, including oxidative stress and risk factors, indicated evolving areas of interest. A notable observation was the scarcity of research on primary school students, signaling a gap in the existing academic stress literature. Citation analysis identified the most cited authors, countries, universities, and sources. This multifaceted examination provides a nuanced understanding of academic stress research’s current state and dynamics, offering valuable insights into trends, collaborations, and thematic shifts that will guide future research in this critical field.

Concepts Keywords
Academics academic stress
Australia bibliometric
Covid citation analysis
Pandemic mental health
network analysis
network visualisation
overlay visualisation
psychological stress
thematic analysis


Type Source Name
disease VO USA
disease VO frequency
disease MESH psychological stress
disease MESH COVID-19 pandemic
disease MESH oxidative stress
disease VO Gap

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