Specific Trends in Pediatric Ethical Decision-Making: An 18-Year Review of Ethics Consultation Cases in a Pediatric Hospital.

Publication date: Feb 28, 2024

This is a qualitative examination of ethics consultation requests, outcomes, and ethics committee recommendations at a tertiary/quaternary pediatric hospital in the U. S. The purpose of this review of consults over an 18-year period is to identify specific trends in the types of ethical dilemmas presented in our pediatric setting, the impact of consultation and committee development on the number and type of consults provided, and any clinical features and/or challenges that emerged and contributed to the nature of ethical situations and dilemmas. Furthermore, in reviewing clinical ethics consultation trends for nearly two decades, we can identify topic areas for further ethics education and training for ethics consultants, ethics committee members, and pediatric healthcare teams and professionals based on our experiences. Our study with nearly two decades of data prior to the COVID-19 pandemic can serve as groundwork for future comparisons of consultation requests and ethics support for pediatric hospitals prior to, during, and following a pandemic.

Concepts Keywords
Consultants Autonomy
Decades Decision-making capacity
Healthcare Ethics committee
Pandemic Ethics consultation


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disease MESH COVID-19 pandemic

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