Retrospective Cohort Study on Determinants of Mechanical Ventilation Duration of COVID-19 ICU Patients.

Publication date: Jan 01, 2024

Background In the face of the ongoing global health crisis posed by COVID-19, it becomes imperative to understand the disease’s dynamics, particularly in specific regions. This study provides a detailed examination of the factors influencing mechanical ventilation (MV) duration among COVID-19 patients in an intensive care setting, focusing on a diverse patient cohort from the Al Hassa region of Saudi Arabia. The primary aim of this study was to identify key demographic factors, clinical outcomes, and comorbidities that affect the duration of MV among ICU patients with COVID-19. This understanding is crucial for enhancing patient care and informing healthcare strategies in the context of the pandemic. Methods A retrospective cohort study was conducted involving patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and admitted to the ICU in the Al Hassa region. The total number of participants was 1,259. Using a systematic sampling method, these participants were chosen to create a representative sample that reflects the prevailing treatment protocols in ICUs across these hospitals. Data encompassed patient demographics, comorbidities, clinical outcomes, and MV duration. Statistical analyses were employed to explore the associations between these variables. Results Our findings reveal a total of 1,259 participants significant associations between MV duration and various factors, including nationality, legal status, travel history, and comorbidities like heart failure and immunocompromised status. These insights are instrumental in understanding the nuances of COVID-19 management in critical care. Conclusion The study provides valuable insights into the determinants of MV duration in severe COVID-19 cases, emphasizing the need for individualized patient care approaches. It highlights the complexity of managing COVID-19 in ICU settings and underscores the importance of tailored healthcare responses to this global health challenge, particularly in the Al Hassa region.

Concepts Keywords
Global al hassa region
Hospitals comorbidity prevalence
Pandemic covid-19 epidemiology
Saudi disease severity predictors
mortality indicators
patient outcomes
public health strategy
retrospective cohort
risk factor analysis
saudi arabia


Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID-19
disease IDO history
disease MESH heart failure
disease MESH comorbidity

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